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I know that it probably seems like I’ve forgotten about the surgery. Believe me, I’ve been thinking about it every day since my consultation…. 3 1/2 months ago!!

Yesterday I had an ortho appt, and I was hoping that he’d tell me that he’s been discussing things with my surgeon. Nope, he said that he hasn’t heard a word. His assistant said that she’d try to figure out whats taking so long.

I had emailed the Patient Care Coordinator (at the U) back in January. Around that time, I had gotten a letter of Denial of Payment because my surgeon wasn’t in the “network”. I emailed the PCC and asked if they had sent in the Service Authorization form. They had not. They filled it out, and a couple days later I recieved another letter saying that the surgeon was approved.

The next step that had to be done, was the surgeon submitting the letter to the insurance company.

That was 2 months ago.

I emailed the PCC again yesterday, and she told me that everything is on hold, because the surgeon is in the process of switching clinics. She also mentioned, “so all authorization requests had to be put on hold and/or any approvals we did have have to be redone.” WHYYYYYYYY? Of course. I swear, any and ALL problems that could delay this, are happening!

I have a feeling that this surgery will be in Summer. That’d be a great time, huh? It wouldn’t be my first choice to have it, BUT if that’s when God has it planned, I’m ready…. I’ve BEEN ready.

I remember last August, I had wanted it done in October, just so I’d be healed in time for the holidays. Ha! Shows that no matter how you try to plan something, things are always going to be in God’s timing.