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Update for day 4-
* I took the tape off from under my nose!!

* I got to wash my hair. It was a challenge, but Hallelujah!

* I washed my face, it felt weird with a 3/4 numb face. My face seems to be getting really oily. I’m guessing its from the swelling under my skin, so it’s just seeping to to the outside.

* Speaking of swelling, it’s GOINGGG DOWNN 🙂 Thank you baby Jesus. I can’t imagine how bad it would have gotten I I didn’t take the steroids to reduce it.

* Bruising has started to appear. I’ll post pics. It’s the yellowing on my chin, on the side of my mouth. I expect it to get worse. Much worse. But, who cares?

* My energy is still pathetic. Anytime I get up and walk a short distance, it feels like my heart is going a million mph and I get lightheaded.

* I still have no appetite. Not even for my favorite foods. This morning I weighed 114. (Started at 122) and I just checked again and I went up to 115. Woo!!!!! hahah. If I can avoid getting sick or dehydrated, that’s my goal.

* My face continues to tingle more and more. It started on the sides on my nose (and sorta in my nose), and now I can feel it tingling in my cheeks and chin. YAY.

* I have been having more pain in my cheek bones. I blame it on the healing. Right by my ears is the area that seems to be most bothersome. Imagine getting smacked in the face with a metal bat, thats how i’d explain it. Last night was more uncomfortable to sleep (the other nights its didn’t seem to bother me) Anytime my ear was touching the pillow, it’d trigger ear/cheek/head/ neck pain. I’m usually most comfortable sleeping on my side, so thats been a current annoyance :/ I can’t sleep on my stomach for obvious reasons. Sleeping on my back I still have to worry about the thick saliva choking me. Hopefully this stage will pass quickly.

*When I think about the meds, it makes me happy knowing that Sunday (2 days away) ill be done with swallowing the steroid pills. Thursday I’ll be done with the antibiotic. The only thing ill have left is my pain meds. I’m currently still taking 15ml (instead of 30ml) 2 times a day for pain. If pain is unbearable and really bad, I have Oxycodon. I have yet to take one of those. I’m trying to take as little as possible!

* Every day when I wake up, I have a burning sensation in the corners of my eyes, to the point that I don’t want to open them. Don’t know what it’s from, but a warm washcloth makes it subside.

* My nose is becoming less congested. I can sorta breathe through my right nostril, until it becomes clogged again. Womp womb

* I hate not being able to brush my teeth. I don’t feel comfortable brushing anything besides my 2 front teeth.

*From what I’ve saw in my mouth… its a nightmare. I haven’t been brave enough to look for the damage of the upper jaw. The lower jaw though… it looks like a mad war of stitches and purple bruises on the sides of my mouth and on my gums.

* MY OVERBITE IS NO LONGER PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’) <<<<<< most important.

* Today I was drinking my protein drink and some was running down the side of the cup. My instinct was to catch it before it fell off the cup, when I noticed my tongue was trapped in my mouth. Fail.

* Laughing/smiling is really difficult. Anytime I try to, it feels like the stitches are gonna rip open. Jaw Surgery forces you to look like an unhappy person when you take pictures.

My niece has been amazing. She's been so understanding and patient with me. At random times she comes and sits on the couch and asks how I'm doing, if I need anything, takes naps by me, or just for a conversation. I don't know if I'd even be able to understand my talking, but somehow she is incredible at understanding me lol.

I got another beautiful bouquet of flowers today!!! They match with my other colorful bouquets! Thank you Kayla and Katelyn for the visit 🙂 Have a great time this weekend!

Me, today. I REALLY wish I could smile in these pictures! Hoping it’ll come soon!