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Today I had my first post-op appt with my surgeon, and everything went great. I was so excited to see her and be able to get answers to my questions!

When I got called from the waiting room, the assistant directed me to the room and said “you can go in here!” As I was about to go in the room, my surgeon was going to meet me at the door, but instead we almost ran into each other. My first instinct was to hug her and she wasn’t expecting it lol. She was like “Oh my gosh! what a nice surprise!! Thank you! We’re starting out the appointment on a great note!” I’m so grateful for the work she’s done, she changed my life. šŸ™‚ As you can tell, she’s a very sweet and nice person.

Anyways, she looked at my bite and was really happy with it. There was one problem, and it was because I could not stop smiling šŸ˜€ … but she loved it. Everything was healing great. She looked at my side profile and got really excited about it, and asked if I saw it already. I look at it everyday! I’m just anxious for the swelling to go down. She looked in my mouth and said everything looked great.

Questions that I asked my surgeon—-

The band holder missing from on my molar, did it fall off in surgery?
Answer: Yes!
(I’m guessing my ortho will put a new one on. No big deal.)

How can I clean my mouth better, besides salt water rinses?
Answer: Prescribed Chlorhexidine.
(It’s a medicated mouthwash that I can use twice a day.)

There’s something in my left nostril, and it bleeds every time I try to get it out.
Answer: It could be part of your skin. I had to cut in your nose and sinus, and had to put stitches in to hold it together. The nasal spray will help to break it up.

Are the stitches in my upper lip normal? (Because I haven’t ever read about it before)
Answer: Yep!

I go to sleep on my back, but sometimes I wake up on my side, does it affect my jaw to lay on it?
Answer: No, it won’t hurt it. You might notice more swelling on that side when you wake up, but it won’t move anything.

How much did you move my jaws?
Answer: Upper jaw was moved up 6mm, and lower jaw was moved forward 9mm.

I was shocked that she didn’t move my upper jaw back. That’s news to me! It’s insane how far she had to move everything though. In case someone is reading my blog for the first time, a normal bite is 2mm. Your top teeth are supposed to overlap your lower teeth by 2 mm. My overbite before surgery was 10mm.

If you’re doing the math and you’re thinking, “if your bite was 10mm, why wouldn’t they bring the lower jaw forward 8mm instead?” Well, If you think about it, if my upper jaw is being raised 6mm, my lower jaw would be able to “swing” up further. I’m assuming at the new position the bite was 3mm, so they added the extra mm.

She talked about taking my splint out next week after I see my orthodontist!! So, I have another appt to see my surgeon on Tuesday for that!

Other updates:
Bruising- it’s going away!
Numbness- I’m gaining feeling back everyday. Still numb everywhere though.
Swelling- I still have some in my cheeks and the sides of my nose, but that’s going down too!
Pain- I still get pain. I can tell every time when the meds are wearing off.
Energy- there’s a small improvement, but I still get wiped out and tired easily.
Appetite- I’ve been able to eat a little more. I’m not losing anymore weight, I’m steady now.


The arrows are the plates and screws in my jaws. You can click on the picture to get a better view.
The top jaw has 2 “L” shaped plates, as well as 2 straight ones. The lower jaw has 2 larger plates.