It’s been a few days! Time is flying.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

It’s now Day 20, and everyday is still better than the day before.

My stitches have been falling out left and right. There’s 4 left in the bottom, and I’d guess I started out with 14. As for the top jaw, from what I can see, there’s 7 still in there. I had at least 20 in the top.

I’ve noticed more signs of healing! They’re uncomfortable but I can deal. It won’t last forever!
*My front top teeth have been pretty sensitive. It feels like an ice cube is pressed against them.
*My cheeks have been tingling a lot.
*The corners of my lips have a burning/itching sensation.

I’ve found ways to eat almost anything now. I’ve put pork chops in the grinder, DELICIOUS. Hamburger ground up, mixed with some ketchup and pickle juice… pretty close to the real deal. πŸ™‚ As long as food isn’t scratchy, I can swallow almost anything. I’ve gotten tired of cutting things up so small, so its always a test to see how big i can leave something to swallow it! My taste buds are getting better, things are starting to taste a little more normal. Its getting there!

I’m going to need some teeth adjustments after things heal. My orthodontist told me he’d need to tweak things, I think he was thinking that he’d be able to adjust things with my retainers but i think it might be more than that. My front teeth touch, but back by my molars, my teeth don’t touch. I knew that I’d be dealing with this, it’s just the way my teeth are set up. I trust my ortho though, everything will get straightened out!

I stopped taking my pain meds a couple days ago. I figured I’d try and see how it is without it and its going well. πŸ™‚ I get spurts of minor discomfort, but it doesn’t last long.

My nose draining is getting frustrating, but its something that I’ll have to get used to. It seems to run every time I eat and at other random times.

The numbness continues to get better. My cheeks seem to be recovering the fastest. My chin seems to be the most numb now.
-Cheeks 20% numb
-Nose 40% numb
-Chin 50% numb
-Lips 3% numb

*Inside Mouth*
-Roof of mouth 75% numb
-Lower gums 95% numb
-Upper gums 100% numb (Something that I’ll have to check with my surgeon about)

My energy is improving. At times I still have to sit down if I start to get lightheaded. That’s one thing that I have to keep reminding myself… it was a quite invasive surgery, and it’ll take time to be 100%.

Side Profile- smiling