I had my ortho appt yesterday and I have a couple things to update you guys with!

1. My ortho was happy/proud of my teeth and where they’ve come. It made me that much more relieved that what I was doing with the rubberbands, affected it positively. Woohoo!

2. I got 8 of the band holders removed! I have 4 left. The ones that are left aren’t what I was expecting. (Picture to follow)

3. I got another different type of rubberband. I already gave up on them because they’re too fat for the band holders and they slip off easily. I went back to my trusty old ones.

4. As I was making my next appt, I was having a conversation with two of the employees. One of them being the lady that was assisting with my first consultation (Nov. 2010 for Invisalign). She said to me “I remember when you came in that first day, and you didn’t smile because you were so self conscious. Now look at you, you can’t stop smiling.” Crazy to think that it’s been 3 years, and she still remembers that.

5. My ortho said the next time I go in, (Oct 30) I will get my “After” picture taken…. AND if all goes well, the rest of my band holders will be coming off!!!!!! I had to pinch myself! In just a short time, I’ll be completely done with all this hard work with my smile.

After I get the band holders off, I have to make a final appointment with my surgeon!

Can I show you how unbelievable my retainers look right now? They cut off the back part of the retainers to -somehow- allow my back teeth to continue to come together. They fit together pretty well right now though, just some minor tweaks. I’m trusting my ortho’s expertise on this one.
They’re so tiny and cute! Lol

Here’s a picture that shows which band holders are left. (I have my retainers in too.) I do see why those ones are there… there’s still gaps that need to be filled in those areas.

This is to show you the sizes of the different rubberbands I’ve had: (the middle and right fit the best)