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Hello everyone!
Somehow, it’s been 101 days since my surgery. WOAH!

I apologize to the people that have been coming to my blog, only to find no update!! I’ve been so busy!

Last week (Tuesday) I had an ortho appt. and was entirely excited because I was expecting to get my last band-holders off and they were going to take my “After” picture. Well, that didn’t happen. I’m not done… yet.

Now to explain it to you guys…
When I had my splint in right after surgery, it basically served as a guide for my bite.
To refresh your memory,
Long story short- my jaws did NOT heal in that position. My “normal/natural” bite is positioned in a way that I have a small overbite still. My ortho thinks that my jaws “slipped” a little since the surgery. (Not exactly what I wanted to hear.) I’m still able to push my lower jaw forward to my “splint bite” but it doesn’t feel normal. As for measurements, my splint bite sits at 2mm. My “natural” bite sits at 4mm overjet. To give you an idea, here’s a picture.
It’s not a huge difference and not nearly as bad as my 10mm overjet that I had before surgery. My ortho said that it’s more than what he’d like to see though. Also, he said that I would have to go for surgery again, to get it back in place if I wanted it perfect. WOMP WOMP! 😦 He said he’s going to try and fix it the best he can. In hopes of trying to fix it, my bottom band-holders were removed from my 2nd molars, and new ones were placed on my very last molars. He left the upper band-holders where they were. I got thicker/stronger rubberbands, and I can definitely feel the pressure when I wear them. It’s serving the purpose to pull my lower teeth forward, and my upper teeth backward. And we’re talking about the ENTIRE arch of my teeth will be moving. I’m wearing the rubberbands all the time. When the bands are in, it pulls my jaw forward to the splint bite, and its not possible for my jaw to slide back. So… THATS GOOD 🙂

My thoughts?
I’m still very happy with the results; it’s still a huge improvement from before surgery. The chances of my teeth moving from these rubberbands are very good. They are so tight, but at this point, I want them to be tight! I’m supposed to see my surgeon for a final checkup, after I get the band-holders off my teeth. I’ll let you know right now, that if she says that she wants to do surgery again to reposition (if the rubberbands don’t fix it) I would absolutely be up for it. Crossing my fingers that I don’t have to, but… we’ll see!

Other updates:
**I can eat anything my heart desires now. I’m able to bite carrots, that was the ultimate test! haha
**Remember how my upper gums were completely numb? I’m slowly getting feeling back!! They’re about 50% numb now. It can take up to 6 months until I get full feeling back.
(They typically say that what things are like at 6 months post-op, that’s what you’ll have for the rest of your life. So I still have time!)
**My next ortho appt is November 27
**My surgeon appt is planned for December 3

I had to ask for an itemized bill, and my jaw dropped when I saw the numbers!
The surgery totaled: $31,337.66 !!!!!!!!!!!!
How much did Insurance pay? – $31,337.66 !!!!!!!
To give you an idea of small things:
Cost of the drill bit that they used to drill the screws in – $323.00
Cost of the jawbra that wrapped around my head to keep ice on it – $48.13
Cost of the plug things that they stuffed up my nose after surgery – $72.50 for each nasal
Cost of the plates and screws, totaling – $7,500

It’s mind blowing to me. The average that I’ve read is $20k for the surgery!

But anyways… that’s the current update. I still plan to make a video of “What to expect when going for Jaw Surgery” (for future patients) and maybe another video of my experience and my thoughts. I was an avid video watcher before my surgery, they can be helpful to people that don’t want to read every blog entry of mine. I tend to talk a lot haha

I can’t help but laugh at this picture… it’s hilarious! 😀 This is 2 days after surgery. LOOK AT MY FAT CHEEKS!!! LOL

A lot has changed since then…
IMG_1286 (2)