Hey guys!
This is such a bittersweet post – it will be my last entry. 😦
I am 6 1/2 months post-op and I’m so happy with the results.
I will post a couple current pictures. Being as it’s past the 6 month mark, the healing is completely done and everything is settled where it’ll stay. There’s also a video below, “My Experience with Double Jaw Surgery”. It is 17 minutes but it’s my whole experience in one video.

Thank you all SO much for all your support. I’m absolutely amazed at how far this blog has reached. I originally made this blog just for close family and friends to stay updated, I never would’ve imagined it would gather 10,000 views and reach 81 different countries! It blows my mind. I hope that I’m able to help a couple people feel more confident about jaw surgery.

1. If you have any questions or uncertainty about surgery/recovery, please do not hesitate to ask.
2. I’m rooting for you! Anyone that has to get their skull fractured is a true warrior in my eyes.
3. Try to keep your nerves down. Don’t worry, you can do it!
4. Jaw Surgery is an exciting thing. New face, new smile, new confidence.
5. Don’t be surprised if you have sore cheeks from all the smiling you’ll be doing. Let that face radiate!

I will still be checking this blog 10 years from now, so all comments/questions will still be read.

“Smile! Happy looks good on you. :)”
Thanks again!!!

P.S. i’m on social media, if you wanna come say hey or see updated pictures of me, feel free!
Instagram: alyssaaa6
Twitter: alyssaaa6


Want more jaw surgery experiences??-
*Special shoutout to my amazing friend, Alaina, that got upper jaw surgery in December 2013. She found one of my posts on twitter relating my surgery, back when I was in the early stage of my recovery. One of the coolest experiences was having the ability to encourage and prep her for her surgery. Being able to calm her nerves and see first hand a change in her attitude about getting it done was a really special experience that I’m thankful for. I encouraged her to make a blog, as well, and you are welcome to check out her progress! Her blog is:

*Amanda also had a successful surgery so if you’d like another review, feel free to snapchat her. She’s super nice! Her snapchat username is @mangraloid